3 Ways to Treat Dry Hands

Dry hands can make a harsh winter even more miserable. They crack, they itch and are just very painful. Here at ProSoap, we want to help you out! Continue reading below to learn three ways to treat your dry, painful hands. 

1. Moisturize Your Skin At All Times 

Rub your hands in coconut oil. This natural oil is so rich in healthy minerals that it will leave your hands feeling soft and moist. Coconut oil absorbs into the skin quickly, and smells pretty awesome. Best of all though is the fact that it does not contain any ingredients that can dry out your skin further. 

2. Experiment With Lanolin

Lanolin is the substance that is naturally produced by sheep to make their wool waterproof. In concentrated amounts, it can also make a wonderful emollient for dry, flakey skin. 

3. Make Petroleum Jelly Your Best Friend 

This product works wonders for dry, cracked skin. It's cheap and you can find it at any drugstore, which is another added bonus. Petroleum oil acts as a seal from all other elements, and essentially will protect your skin from further damage. 

 Although these methods treat dry hands, the best thing to do is prevent dry hands from happening in the first place! ProSoap is a water activated hand cleaner that does not contain any harsh chemicals or solvents. This means that our gentle formula cleanses and moisturizes the skin at the same time. To try a free sample today, click here!