It's A Dirty Job, But Somebody's Gotta Do It.

At ProSoap, we've dedicated 40 years to doing one thing and doing it really well - creating a hand cleaner that's tough on dirt but easy on your skin and the environment.

Unlike other hand cleaners, ProSoap is water-activated. So there's no harsh chemicals to dry out your skin. and because a little goes a long way, it's easy on your budget too. Hands down, compared to other cleaners, ProSoap does a superior job of removing the dirtiest, greasiest messes.

When it comes to getting clean, ProSoap doesn't mess around. It's a ​concentrated water-activated hand cleaner that's tough on dirt but easy on skin. Unlike other heavy-duty hand cleaners, ProSoap contains no acidic, alkaline or caustic ingredients. And, a little goes a long way, so you get more washes for your money and a gentle safe cleaner - that won't harm your skin or the environment.

​ ProSoap hand cleaner is perfect around the house, garage or shop because it removes ink, paint, varnish, wood stains, grease, tar, adhesives, hydraulic fluid, noxious odors and more. If you can get it on your hands, we're confident we can get it off. Finally, there's a hand cleaner that works as hard as you do.


ProSoap lasts a VERY long time... 4-6 of the little tubs in my locksmith shop last a YEAR, and I use it 6-8 times a day. [They] will call you after 6 months to see if you need more... they will not harass you, however! They are VERY nice to deal with.

Mike Deutmeyer

I have been in the auto repair business for 27 years, and I have tried every brand of hand cleaner out there, most of which delivered the same results. Then I tried Pro Soap. WOW!!!!! what a difference. I need very little effort to clean my hands even after the dirtiest jobs, and my skin no longer cracks and bleeds.