Holiday Traffic: To Go or Not To Go

The Holidays are just around the corner, and here at ProSoap, we want to make sure you arrive to your destination safely! Nothing dampens the Holiday spirit more than dealing with hours worth of traffic on your vacation. To spread some Christmas cheer, we want to share the AAA holiday traffic forecast with you. Continue reading below, it might just save you a couple hours! 

According to AAA, in 2017 more than 100 million Americans will travel between December 23 and January 3. That is the largest number of cars ever predicted for a holiday season! 

Also, according to Waze, a consumer controlled traffic app, the absolute worst day to travel will be December 23 due to the immense amount of people venturing home. Instead of sitting in stand-still traffic, you may want to rethink your vacation time and earn some extra brownie points with your boss, as the roads are supposed to be filled with traffic until 7pm. 

Christmas Eve will be even worse, starting at noon and extending all the way through Thursday evening. Waze also states that on December 27, is the worst day to drive back. On that day Waze predicts 87 percent more traffic jam alerts, more than 14 accidents, more than 23 road hazards and a 33 percent increase in police notifications. 

If you're dead set on traveling to see your family (and we don't blame you, It's the Holiday Season after all), then we suggest you leaving on or before December 22 if possible. We also recommend returning on the 26th or 28th. We hope you take our advice and we hope we saved you a little stress and time on your trip! 

Happy Holidays!