How to Avoid Dry Skin From Frequent Hand Washing

Certain professions require you to wash your hands more often out of necessity. For instance, in the health care profession, hand washing is essential to stop the spread of potentially serious infections. Also, in the auto industry or other mechanical jobs, employees have to wash their hands multiple times a day to remove grease and other muck. Whatever your profession, we all know that washing your hands multiple times results in dry, chapped skin. 

To avoid dry skin, follow these three solutions.  


1. Choose Your Hand Cleaner Carefully 

You need a soap that will not use harsh chemicals that will dry out your skin after repeat use. ProSoap is a water activated hand cleaner that does not use any harsh chemicals. It gently moisturizes your skin while also cleansing it.

2. Moisturize Your Hands After Every Washing 

Moisturizers coat the skin with oil, block evaporation of the skin's natural moisture and trap water in its surface. While they can't cure dry skin, they moisturizers offer protection and relieve the dry, itchy feeling. 

3. Give Your Hands a Weekly Paraffin Treatment

If you don't know, Paraffin is soothing to the skin because the wax is mixed with mineral oil. The heated seal of the wax allows the oil to penetrate the skin deeply for moisture restoration. 

Our hands are very important to our daily lives, especially if you work in the professions listed above. Follow these solutions to take care of them! If you would like to try a free sample of Prosoap, click here