ProSoap Alternative Uses

As you may know, ProSoap is a hand cleaner over a million people love and trust! It's tough on dirt, yet gentle on the skin. Unlike most heavy duty hand cleaners, ProSoap contains no acidic, alkaline or casuistic ingredients. However, did you know that ProSoap can be used to clean more than just hands? Continue Reading below to learn the different ways you can use ProSoap! 

ProSoap Can Clean Your Jewelry 

For decades, ProSoap has been sold to jewelers across the country. Unlike other industrial hand cleaners, our micro scrubbers do not scratch platinum, gold or silver. Our special formula gently removes dirt and residue. So before you buy the expensive polish, give ProSoap a try! 


ProSoap Can Be Used To Treat Poison Oak 

Did you have an unfortunate run in with this hated green leaf? One of the lesser known uses for ProSoap is that it works great as a poison ivy/poison oak treatment! Just wet your hands and the affected area, work the soap in your hands for a few seconds, and then scrub the affected area. This will soothe your itchiness quickly! 

What Other Uses Have You Found For ProSoap?   

Have you found other uses for ProSoap? Please tell us your story and send pictures! We would love to hear about it! If you are out of our product, give us a call at 800-776-7627 or visit our website