Winter Is Here, Are Your Hands Ready?

Winter is coming, are your hands ready? We all know that our hands suffer when we expose them to bad weather, lots of water, dirt, chemicals and the sun, but why is this exactly? 

Skin is made to hold onto moisture and to naturally rejuvenate itself, but exposure to the sun, cold air, wind, dirt, chemicals and more can gradually damage this layer so that skin can no longer retains moisture. 

The following factors can all contribute to damaged skin: 

  • Dry Air: Cold winter months saps moisture from the skin 
  • Water: People who constantly have to wash their hands or immerse their hands in water, experience a loss of moisture as the water steals the skin's natural moisturizing oils away. 
  • Chemicals: People who work with chemicals on a daily basis, or who regularly use chemical-based house cleaners, often have severely chapped hands. 
  • Soap: Old-fashioned soap bars dry out the skin severely. Many of today's commercial cleansers and hand soaps also disrupt skin's normal integrity, which slows the natural process of skin repair and creates dryness and cracking.  

Other factors such as medical skin conditions, allergies and certain medications, can also contribute to dry, cracking skin. Continue reading to learn ways to keep your hands healthy this winter! 

1. Avoid Bad Soap

Avoid formulas with synthetic fragrances, preservatives and sulfates, as these are all drying. Foaming and antibacterial types are also likely to strip your skin of its own natural fats and oils. Most hand cleaners use solvents which makes this worse, but ProSoap is solvent free and actually conditions your hands.

2. Moisture Often

 Although ProSoap has moisturizing abilities, you still need to moisturize often! After each and every wash, moisturize your hands! 

3. Avoid Hot-Air Dryers

They are becoming more and more popular because they save money and the environment, but they can easily dry-out your hands. Pat-dry with some toilet paper or simply shake dry, then put on your lotion! 

4. Wear Gloves 

You may already do this, but sometimes we forget. The best treatment is always prevention, so whether you're out on the job, gardening, or simply washing the dishes, gloves will help protect your hands from damage. 


Here at ProSoap, we want to make sure your hands stay healthy and moisturized. To try out a sample, click here. Keep your hands protected this winter!