8-Pack Case ProSoap Green Paste Hand Cleaner (3 lbs. Tubs)

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This 8-Pack Case ProSoap Green Paste Hand Cleaner offers a great solution for shops with eight people. It is good for up to 6400 hand washings.

This cleaner will remove a wide variety of paint, dirt, stains, inks, hydraulic fluid and more. It’s perfect to use for auto repair or cabinetry shops because your hands will not only be clean and smooth, but odor-free! All you need is a little dab.


Perfect for a 8-person shop annually
17 interactive ingredients to handle a wide range of applications
Contains no harsh chemicals
Contains no acidic or alkaline ingredients
Includes premium skin lotions and conditions to keep your hands looking and feeling smooth.
Tubs weigh 3 lbs. each