Half Gallon ProSoap Green Paste Water-Activated Hand Cleaner

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Our original half gallon ProSoap Hand Cleaner is very popular with small businesses and households for good reason. It’s good for over 800 hand washings, which makes it very economical.

Unlike many hand cleaners, a little bit of this cleaner will remove tough dirt, ink, paint, varnish, wood stains, hydraulic fluid and more. It even takes away the strong odors that typically stay ingrained in your skin. This water-activated hand cleaner won’t dry out your hands. It will leave them smooth, clean and smelling great!


Perfect for 1 or 2-person shop annually
17 interactive ingredients to handle a wide range of applications
Contains no harsh chemicals
Contains no acidic or alkaline ingredients
Includes premium skin lotions and conditions to keep your hands looking and feeling smooth.
Weighs 3 lbs.